We understanding that not all clients want the full service that most recruitment agencies offer.

Finding the right staff can be daunting and time-consuming. However, companies no longer have the flexibility in their bottom line to access the full services of a recruitment agency. Understanding that not all clients want the full ‘a la carte’ service that most agencies offer, BaseCamp Consulting will work within your budget and expertise to offer solution based services.

con•sult•ing (kuh n-suhl-ting)

adjective 1. employed or involved in giving professional advice

ser·vice (sur-vis)

noun 1. providing help, information or advice

We will consult with you in order to help you work out what part of our service you need and what is important to you.At BaseCamp Consulting, we understand that you may want assistance with part of the process and therefore want to access our expertise in only certain areas of the recruitment process and as such, we are happy to offer assitance with any or all of your needs.

“Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach” –Tony Robbins

Sourcing Candidates

Access to screened resumes

Summary of candidate’ suitability

Ownership of the successful candidate

Advertising - Writing & Hostng

Job specific ad writing

Place ad on relevant job boards

Receiving applications

Courtesy acknowledgement of receipt

Advising unsuccessful candidates

Telephone Interview & Appoitment Setting

Specific and targeted questions

Job specific screening

Interviews booked into client calendar

Stage 1 Interview (6 interviews)

Interviewing of first round candidates:

Targeted interview questions developed in consultation

Impartial competency based interview

Full written report with recommendations for shortlist

Placement Advice

Advise on Offer

Advise on position description

KPI setting

Induction advise

Consulting Services

Skills evaluation

Psychometric testing


KPI evaluation / setting

Induction training

Team evaluation

Reference Checking

Complete impartiality and confidentiality

Conduct full reference checks

Written report

Panel Interview

Provide a member to participate in second round interview.

Impartial and experienced interviewer

Assist in developing format and questions for second round

Provide a focused independent view point

Executive Search

Our specialized recruitment services used to source candidates for senior, executive and specialized positions.

Complete confidentiality

Dedicated resource with access to ‘passive’ candidates

Retained fee allows for objectivity – outcome not linked to any particular candidate