At BaseCamp Consulting, we offer the full end to end recruitment service for our clients.

End to end

1. from first to last – including all the stages of a process: to provide an end-to-end service
2. A term that suggests that the supplier will provide the full process to meet the customer’s requirements.


Job Analysis –

This very important first step allows us to get a full understanding of the company, manager and team. We will sit down with you to fully understand what you are looking for and who would best fit your team.

Advertising –

Once we have a full understanding of your requirements, we will put together an advertising campaign designed to attract the right talent for your job.

Screening –

Focused and impartial screening of responses allow us to interview only those candidates that have the requirements to move to the next step.

Interviewing –

Face to face meeting with the candidates in order to find the best talent to present to you.

Shortlisting –

Presentation of a shortlist allowing you to choose which candidates you want to meet with.

Client Interviews –

We plan and organize all the interviews… managing your diary to best accommodate and schedule the interviews.

Reference Checking –

Impartial reference checking is a vital part of the hiring process and as such should be used not only as a reason to hire but also as a management tool once the candidate has joined your team.

Negotiation / Offer –

Once you have selected the candidate you want on your team, our consultants will handle all the negotiation and offer presentation including contract signoffs and delivery.